Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tuesday in China

Yesterday we visited the Great Wall of China.  It was huge.  And it was steep.  We climbed and climbed.  I made it all the way to a tower.  I almost expected Rapunzel to let down her hair for me to climb up.  I climbed with my family and with some of my new friends, Sun and Elena.  When we got back down to the bottom, we found an ice cream stand and had a yummy drumstick. 

The we went to see the area where the 2008 Olympics were held.  The big stadium is called the Bird's Nest.  I don't really remember watching the Olympics on TV, do you? 

Our day ended with tickets to the Acrobat Show.  My favorite part was when all the girls got on one bike.  There were 13 girls riding on one bike.  I'm only allowed to have one boy on my bike. 

Today we will get on another airplane to fly to the city where we will meet my new brother.  I'm exited and nervous about that. 

Talk to you tomorrow!


Shannon said...

Hey, Micah! I'm a friend of your mommy's! I can't wait to see that you have become a big brother. What an exciting time for all of you. You're going to be great, I just know it!

Kim said...

Wow Micah, those are some steep steps. Did your legs get really tired?
Love, Sheridan

musicalmary said...

Grant chuckled about only having one boy on your bike. This was a great post, and we just watched about The Great Wall yesterday. Today is bamboo and pandas. We miss you Micah. See you "tomorrow". ;-)

Julie said...

Micah, you did a great job of helping your Mommy and Daddy climb that wall!