Monday, September 13, 2010

Over the moon!

I'm so excited.  Yesterday we went over the moon to China.  Did you know that when you go over the moon that the sun never sets?  We flew from Chicago to Beijing on a VERY long plane ride.  It was bright outside the windows the whole time.  That made it hard to fall asleep.  I finally slept for a couple hours.

I learned a little bit about time zones.  Mama showed me with a globe and flashlight how when the sun is shining in Peachtree City, it is dark in China.  And when it is daytime in China, it is dark at home.  The time is 12 hours ahead here.  I am getting up and getting ready on Tuesday morning while you are getting ready to go to bed Monday night.  And when you get up and go to school on Tuesday morning, it is already Tuesday night here.  That's pretty cool.

I woke up at 12:30, then 3:30, then again at 4:40 am. I am not tired and have lots of energy (at least for now).Today we will climb the Big Wall of China.  (The guide called it the Great Wall).  It's really big and really cool.  Can't wait to show you some pictures!


Kim said...

Hi Micah. Glad you made it to China safely.
Love, Sheridan

janeway10 said...

I love the science lesson your Mom gave you on the time zones. The Great Wall sounds very cool.