Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Today We Get Noah

I woke up happy and refreshed because I slept all night! The first thing I told Mama and Baba was "Guess what? Today is the day we get baby Noah because today Thursday! Then I sang my days of the week song. (Thanks for teaching it to me, Mrs. Sanders!) 

We all flew from Beijing to a city called Zhengzhou yesterday. We are now staying in a huge new hotel called the Crown Plaza. And guess what? They have a Walmart!  We went there to get some food and snacks for baby Noah, and I helped try them out to make sure they were OK. It doesn't look like the Walmart at home.  It was busy and full of colorful foods and different foods than what we have at home.  I helped Mama get baby Noah's crib ready in the room. I am sooo excited to see my baby brother and get him into our family and start being a big brother!


Christina said...

How wonderful that you are helping Mama get ready for your little brother, Micah!

Congratulations on this special honor--big brothers are very important people!

Have fun!
Miss Christina (one of Mama's friends)

Jen & Bill said...


Congratulations on becoming a big Brother. I'm sure you will teach baby Noah all the great things you know!

Shanna said...

Hi Micah!
It's Kai!! I miss you! I didn't go to school today because I had a tummy ache.
I remember when I went to China to get Chloe. It was so fun!
Your brother is SO cool! I wish I had one too! I love all of the pictures! My mom is showing everyone your blog and reads it to me every day.
Have a great day!