Sunday, September 26, 2010

Shopping in Guangzhou

We've been doing a little shopping in Guangzhou.  It's a crazy place to shop.  We went to a place called the Pearl Market.  We saw a guy selling tiger paws and animal horns right on the street.  It was a little weird. 

After shopping for pearls and jade (BORING!!!) we finally got to go to a toy shop.  I got the coolest plane!  It lights up and goes round and round in circles and even tries to take off.  Mama says that Chinese toys are the loudest! 

We even found a McDonald's near the market.  Can you believe it? 

Our hotel is on an island called Shamian Island.  When you go shopping on the island, there are lots of little stores.  When you go into the stores, ladies will follow me around the store and show me toys to play with and then they try to get my mom to buy them for me.  I try to get her to buy them too, but Mom says I can't have a toy every day.  Bummer!

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