Monday, September 20, 2010

Morning at the park

On Monday we went to the local park.  It was fun to walk around and look at everything.  We found some amusement rides.  I got to ride three different rides.  The lady at the merry-go-round must have liked me because she let me ride twice!  I especially like the ride that went around and up and down. 

After lunch we went to the pool!  It was so much fun to splash and play.  It was nice to spend a quiet day with my family.

My new little brother is learning how to play with me and share toys.  He likes to throw things and sometimes throws toys at me.  I don't like that part.  He takes a lot of Mama and Baba's time.  I don't like that part either.  But he's a baby and needs lots of attention. 

Later today we will fly on an airplane to a new city called Guangzhou.  We will be there for over a week before going back home. 

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