Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Micah Over the Moon

Hi! I'm Micah!  I'm 5 years old and I'm in Kindergarten.  This Sunday, my family and I will be leaving to adopt my little brother.  We will be flying over the moon and all the way to China!  We will be traveling to Beijing, then to a city called Zhengzhou and then finally to a city called Guangzhou. 

I'm very excited to be a big brother.  I've never been a big brother before.  I think I will be fun to boss my little brother around.  That sounds cool.  I also will have to be a good example and teach my brother the rules of our family.  That sounds like a lot more work. 

Please come back to my blog to follow my adventure!


janeway10 said...

Hi Micah! Alex and Anna say hellow. So does Libby. Libby is having fun playing with Miley and Andie. We can't wait to see you and Noah.

musicalmary said...

Hi Micah! We are looking forward to following your blog! We love you! Hal, Mary, Anna & Grant

Julie said...

Hi Micah! Nathan says hi to you and we are excited that you are in China!